*1  Special Event, FEATURE-BigShows &MSL, HastingsCountyON,12-5pm
*2,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4:30-7pm
*3,  SpecialEvent-DVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*5,  SpecialEvent-ELFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*6,  SpecialEvent-TOK, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, W-GTA, 6-9pm
*7,  SpecialEvent-PM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, E-GTA, 12-4pm
*7,  SpecialEvent-CTF, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 5-8pm
*8  SpecialEvent-LVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 10am-1pm
*8  SpecialEvent-TOK, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, W-GTA, 2-6pm
9,  TV-Series -FreebirdsTitans, Balloonist Clown SSE, GTA, 5pm-5am
*10,  SpecialEvent-DVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*12  SpecialEvent, JESTER-CIRCUSMAN, GTA, 4pm-6pm
*13  FAIR, CIRCUS FEATURE, Durham, 9am-8pm
*14  FAIR, Mr.SpaghettiLegs, Grey County, 7:30am - 6:30pm
*15  SpecialEvent-LVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 10-11am
*15  SpecialEvent-RPF, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-6pm
*16,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4:30-7pm
*17,  SpecialEvent-DVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*19,  SpecialEvent-ELFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*21,  FAIR, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, Caledon, 11am-4pm
*22,  FAIR, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, Caledon, 10am-3pm
*23,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 5-6pm
*24,  SpecialEvent-DVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*25,  SpecialEvent-DVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GHA, 4-7pm
*26,  SpecialEvent-ELFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4-7pm
*28,  Special Promo NFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 10am-1pm
*28,  Special Promotion DVMM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 2-6pm
*29,  Special Promotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 10am-1pm
*29,  Special Promotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 2-7pm
*30  SpecialEvent, 3 x 20 min.shows, N-GTA, 11am-1pm
*30,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 4:30-7pm
*5  SpecialEvent-DVMM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 1-4pm
*6  SpecialEvent-LVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 10am-1pm
*6  SpecialEvent-DVMM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 2-4pm
*7,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 5-6pm
*8,  Zeus-series-, FilmLiaison, GTA, 5pm-2:15am
*12  SpecialEvent-DVMM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 1-4pm
*13  SpecialEvent-LVFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 11am-1pm
*13  SpecialEvent-DVMM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 2-5pm
*14,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 5-6pm
*19  FESTIVAL-Promotion, One Man Circus Shows, Caledon, 11:30am,1:30&3:30pm
*20  FESTIVAL-Promotion, One Man Circus Shows, Caledon, 11:30am,1:30&3:30pm
*21  Community Event, GalaProgram, Thornhill, 5-9pm
*26,  Special Promotion, CaptainSpaghettiLegs, SimcoeCounty, 12-4pm
*27,  Special Promotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 2-4pm
*2,  TopChef-series-, FilmLiaison, GTA, 5am-3:15pm
*3  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 1-4pm
*9  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 1-4pm
10,  Decoys-feature-, BG Performer, GTA, timeTBA
*10  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 12-4pm
*16,  SpecialEvent, 3x20min.MicroCirqueShows, Toronto, 10am-3pm
*16,  SpecialEvent, Gala Program, GTA, 5-10pm
*17,  SpecialEvent-SPFM, Stiltsman++-Cpt.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 11am-2pm
*23,  SpecialEvent, MicroCirqueShow, W-GTA, 8-11am/9:50-10:20am
*23  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 1:30-4pm
*24,  SpecialEvent, MicroCirqueShow, Scarborough, 12:45-1:15pm
*29,  Promo, CirqueShow,NutcrackerCyclist, PEC ON, 12-11:59pm
*30,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, Niagara, 7-11:59am
*30,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, South Simcoe, 3-5pm

7,  Special Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, GTA, 11am-1pm tent.
7,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, South Simcoe, 3-5pm
8  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, Markham, 12:3pm-2pm
8,  SpecialEvent, MicroCirqueShow, Toronto, ~3:45-4:15pm
14,  SpecialEvent, MicroCirqueShow, Mississauga, 10:30-11am
*14,  SpecialEvent, NutcrackerCyclist, DurhamCounty, 5-9pm
*21  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, North York, 11am-2pm
*22  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 12:30-4pm tent.
*23  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, North York, 11am-2pm
23,  SpecialEvent, MicroCirqueShow, Toronto, 7-7:30pm
*28  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 12:30-4pm tent.
29,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, W-GTA, 12-4pm
31,  NYE-SpecialEvent, OneManCircus-BigShow, RichondHill, 7:30-8:15pm


4,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, W-GTA, 12-4pm tent.
*5  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 12:30-4pm tent.
*11  SpecialPromotion, Stiltsman-Mr.SpaghettiLegs, GTA, 12:30-4pm tent.
12,  Promotion, StiltsmanPlusMSL, W-GTA, 12-4pm tent.

4,  Promotion, CharacterStiltsmanPlus, Woolwich, 7am-4pm tent.
12,  Promotion, StiltsmanPlusMSL, Brock, 10am-3pm tent.

27,28,  travel days, ON,QC,NB,NS, 7am-9pm tent.
29,30,31,  Promotion, StiltsmanPlusMSL, HalifaxNS, 1-9pm
1,2,3,  Promotion, NutcrackerStiltsmanPlus, HalifaxNS, 1-9pm
4,5,  travel days, NS,NB,QC,ON, 7am-9pm tent.

Many more to be announced soon.  For more details contact Jonathan at:   416 428 2255    *  The asterix indicates a public show.

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