RECENT & UPCOMING  2017-2018
*1  Special Promo, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, GTA, 1-5pm
*3  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, GTA, 4:30-7pm
4  Film Event, Film Liaison, GTA, 2am-2pm
*5  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, GTA, 4:30-7pm
6  Special Event, Circus Feature, Springwater Township, 1-4pm & 8:30pm show
*7  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmo, York County,11am-1pm
*8  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmo, GTA,12-3pm
*13  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, Norfolk County, 1:30-6:15pm
*14  Special Event, Circusman Atmosphere, York Region, 11am-3pm
*15  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmo. Mr.SpaghettiLegs, Norfolk County, 12-3:30pm
*16  Film Event, Film Liaison, Toronto, 6:30am-4:45pm
*17  Film Event, Film Liaison, Toronto, 6:45am-5:45pm
*18  Film Event, Film Liaison, Toronto, 6:30am-4:45pm
*21  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmo Mr.SpaghettiLegs, York County, 10am-1pm
*22  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere Mr. Spaghetti Legs, GTA, 11am-1pm
28  Special Event, StiltsmanPlus Atmosphere, Simcoe County, 11am-4pm
29  Special Event, StiltsmanPlus Atmosphere, Toronto, 10am-12pm
29  Special Event, StiltsmanPlus Atmosphere, Toronto, 1-7pm
31  Special Event, Micro-Cirque Show, Toronto, 3:30-7:30pm

5  Special Event - Promo, Micro-CirqueShow 4x15min., Toronto, 11am-3pm
*6,7  Film Event, Film Liaison, Toronto, various
11  Special Event - Promo, Micro-CirqueShow 4x15min., Toronto, 11am-3pm
12  Special Event - Promo, Micro-CirqueShow 2x15min., Toronto, 11am-1pm
18  Special Holiday Event, StiltsmanPlus, St.Catherines, 10am-12pm
18  Special Holiday Event, NoveltyCyclist, GTA, 5-8pm
19  Special Holiday Event, Novelty Show, Hamilton, 1-3pm
*22  Titans tv series, S.S.E. +200 Unicyclist Juggler, Hamilton, various
24  Special Event, Micro-CirqueShow&StiltsmanPlus, Peterborough County, 3-9pm
25  Special Event-HolidayParade&SantaFest, StiltsmanPlus,W-GTA, 10am-12pm
25  Special Event-Holiday Parade&SantaFest, StiltsmanPlus, Simcoe County, 3-5pm
26  Special Event-Holiday Party, Micro-CirqueShow, Brampton, 12:30-1pm

2  Special Event, BigShow OneManCircus, NW-GTA, 11:15am
2  Special Event-Holiday Parade&SantaFest, StiltsmanPlus, Simcoe County, 3-5pm
3  Special Event, MicroCirque Shows x 3, NW-GTA, 10:30,11:30&12:30
7  Special Event, Gala Program, Peterborough County, 3-11pm
9  Special Event, Gala Program, GTA, 12-2pm
9  Special Event, Circusman, Durham County, 5-9pm
14  Special Holiday Event-Holiday, Micro-CirqueShow, W-GTA, 3-8pm
18,19,20  Special Promotion, WinterCirque 3x20min., Toronto, 5-10pm
21,22,23  Special Promotion, WinterCirque 3x20min., Toronto, 5-10pm
26,27,28,29,30  Special Promotion, WinterCirque 3x20min., Toronto, 5-10pm


1,2,3,4  Special Promotion, WinterCirque 3x20min., Toronto, 5-10pm
5  Special Event,  MicroCirque & workshop, Toronto, 6:30-7:30pm
*13  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, GTA, 3:30-5pm
13  Special Event, StiltsmanPlus, Mississauga, 6:30-8pm
*14  Special Event, Stiltsman-Atmosphere, GTA, 1:30-5pm
*17,18,19  TITANS tv series, Film Liaison, Toronto, various
20  Special Event, Circusman-Stiltsman/Juggler-Balloonist, Simcoe County, 8am-1pm

3  Special Event,  Feature - F1, Hastings County, 6am-6pm
4  Special Event,  Feature Lite - F2, GTA, 7am-5pm

7  Special Event,  Stiltsman-Juggler-Balloonist, Waterloo County, 7am-4pm tent.
8  Special Event,  Stiltsman-Juggler-Balloonist, Brock County, 10am-3pm tent.
29  Special Event,  Stiltsman-Juggler-Balloonist, Springwater Township, 8am-5pm tent.

5  Special Event,  Stiltsman-Juggler-Balloonist, Durham County, 10am-3pm tent.

Many more to be announced soon.  For more details contact Jonathan at:   416 406 5587    *  The asterix indicates a public show.

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